The End of the World (or else the beginning) – Mark McGregor and the Borealis String Quartet. VICO – festival. Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver. June 6

Eve and As Ordinary as Stars – Heather Pawsey. Performed as part of Unheard during Indie Opera Week.  CMC. June 25

Under Bleak Skies – Aventa Ensemble. Phillip T. Young, Victoria. February
Four Horses – McGregor Verdejo Hayley – Vancouver Community College, March (Premiere)

Four Horses – McGregor Verdejo Hayley – Sonic Boom, March
One More Way to See – Emily Carr String Quartet. Victoria Symphony New Music Festival. Dave Dunnet Theatre, March. (Premiere)


Klee Wyck Woman–  Emily Carr String Quartet, Victoria and Metchosin
The Stars Have Closed Their EyesInstruments of Happiness – Toronto, Montreal, Quebec (Premiere)
Eve and As Ordinary as Stars – Heather Pawsey – Open Space, CMC, Gallery, CapilanoU
held in the hand – Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra. VICO – festival in June and on tour in September
As Ordinary as Stars Helen Pridmore – August, Sound Symposium
Four Directions and Stay Struggling – Tempest Flutes –  Solstice celebration, cemetery
And Birds do Sing – Waterloo Chamber Orchesra, October
Stay Struggling Driftwood Percussion, Modulus Festival, Roundhouse. November (Premiere)
Breathe, As Ordinary as Stars, Lullaby, Four Directions – Continuum by Redshift.
NeptuneRachel Iwaasa, Music on Main, Heritage Hall. December 19/20


Uta’s Escape– musica intima. Heritage Hall. March, 2017 (Premiere)

And Birds do SingKingston Symphony
Klee Wyck WomanEmily Carr String Quartet. ISCM
Under Bleak Skies – Powell River with Bill Linwood PRISMA, Evergreen Theatre, Powell River, June 20, 2017
Le Merle Noir (arrangement) – Standing Wave


Eve, This Love, and As Ordinary as Stars– Helen Pridmore, soprano. University of Saskatoon. September, 2016

Antlers’ Round (lyrics by Fran Slingerland) – member’s of Murray Schafer’s Wolf Project. August 2016 (Premiere)

And Birds do SingAllegra Orchestra. St. Phillips Anglican Church, Vancouver. June 2016.

the moments inside the moments inside the moments inside the moments – iii. holding -(collaboration with CURV: Marci Rabe and Kristy Farkas) – Thin Edge New Music Collective. Maureen Forester Hall, Waterloo, ON. January 2016 (world premiere)

the moments inside the moments inside the moments inside the moments – iii. holding -(collaboration with CURV: Marci Rabe and Kristy Farkas) – Standing Wave. Pyatt Hall, Vancouver. March 2016


Held in the Hand – Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra, Santur and String Quartet. Pyatt Hall, Vancouver. November 14 (Premiere)

Neptune – Rachel Iwaasa, piano. Firehall Theatre, Vancouver. Powell Street festival/Queer Arts Festival. August 1.

Neptune – Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano (with Michael Red, electronics). Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver. April 24, 2015

Neptune – Kristy Farkas, piano. A Place to Listen, Victoria. February 2015


Stolen Materials/Stolen Time – Standing Wave. Pyatt Hall, Vancouver. Nov 20, 2014 (world premiere) 

Max is born! June 28, at home. (world premiere)

Four Directions – Mary Wing, flute. Columbia Lake, Waterloo, ON. Jun 8, 2014 

the tide rises, the tide falls – Vancouver New Music. Orpheum Annex. (world premiere)

Unsilencing – presentation at CNMN FORUM, with sound artist Tina Pearson. University of Calgary. January

 For Dreams of Things that Cannot Be – l’Ensemble Lunatik, Quebec City.

under bleak skies – Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver. January 15, 2014


Confluence -written for members of the Wolf Project for R. Murray Schafer on the occasion of his 80th Birthday, SAB Choir. Text by Rae Crossman
July 2013. Indian River. (world premiere)

As Ordinary as Stars (lyrics by Rae Crossman) – Caroline Schiller, soprano. Memorial University of Newfoundland. January 2013 (world premiere)

Seedlings – Saskatoon Symphony Players. Video by Terry Billings


From Hidden Roots  – Aventa (soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion). Philip T. Young Theatre, Victoria. September, 2012. 

under bleak skies – Aventa. Vancouver Aquatic Centre. December 4 (world premiere)

Le Merle Noir – Standing Wave (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion). The Cultch, Vancouver. May 2012 (world premiere)

Moments Suspended – Ottawa New Music Creators (flute, bass clarinet, violin, and cello). De La Salle High School, Ottawa, ON. January 2012 (world premiere)