Jennifer Butler’s music has been described as intimate, resonant, and sonorous. Silence, organic change, layered textures, and holding and releasing tension are important qualities in many of her compositions.

Recent projects include: Songs for Klee Wyck, commissioned by Victoria’s Emily Carr String QuartetFour Horses, a song cycle written with Peter Anderson for Mark McGregor, Dory Hayley and Adrian Verdejo; The Stars Have Closed Their Eyes, commissioned by Bradyworks; held in the hand, commissioned by the Vancouver Inter-cultural OrchestraStolen Materials Stolen Time, commissioned by Standing Wave; The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls, commissioned by Vancouver New Music; Under Bleak Skies, commissioned by Redshift for Aventa at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre; and Unvanishing, a collaboration with video artist Terry Billings and the Saskatoon Symphony.

Jennifer was President of the Canadian League of Composers from 2011-14, and currently sits on the Advisory Council for the BC Region of the Canadian Music Centre,  and is a board member for Redshift, Standing Wave, and the Canadian New Music Network. She has been a participating member of R. Murray Schafer’s Wolf Project since 2000.

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