List of Works


And Birds Do Sing (9 minutes)
Commissioned by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra.
Premiere February, 2011. Royal Theatre, Victoria, BC.

Through Walls (4 minutes)
Commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra as part of the Olympic Commissioning Project.
Premiere April, 2005. Orpheum, Vancouver; Bell Centre, Surrey, BC.

each day the tide withdraws (7 minutes)
Public readings by the Thunder Bay Symphony (January 2004), the Victoria Symphony (March 2004), and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony (April 2005).

Nocturne (12 minutes)
Public reading at the Jean Coulthard Readings by Vancouver Symphony, March 2003.

Still Life (10 minutes)
Premiere by Wilfrid Laurier University Orchestra, 1999
Also read by the VSO at the Jean Coulthard Readings, 2000


Large Chamber Ensemble (7+ players)

The tide rises, the tide falls (14 minutes)
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, percussion, harp, piano, violin, viola, cello, and bass
Commissioned by Vancouver New Music
Premiere – April 12, 2014. Orpheum Annex

Under Bleak Skies (10 minutes)
flute, oboe, bass clarinet, horn, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and bass
Commissioned by Redshift for the Aventa Ensemble, with assistance from the Canada Council
Premiere – December, 2012. Vancouver Aquatic Centre
(program note / video)

From Hidden Roots (8 minutes)
soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion
Selected for IgNITE, the Aventa ensemble’s composer workshop with Michael Finnessey
Premiere – September 2012. Philip T. Young Theatre, Victoria, BC

Shadow Catch, Act 3 (30 minutes)
5 voices, flute, cello, and percussion
Commissioned by Vancouver Pro Musica, presented by VPM, UBC, and TomeiArts
One act of a collaborative chamber opera created with librettist Daphne Marlatt
Premiere – December 2011.  Firehall Theatre, Vancouver

Through Walls (revised chamber version, 4.5 minuntes)
1111/2000/2 perc/11111
Commissioned by JB Productions for use in film for Bravo!TV.
Recorded by the Turning Point Ensemble in October, 2009.

as she moves through shadows (6 minutes)
mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, bass clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, cello, percussion
Commissioned by the Redshift for the Vertical Orchestra.
Funding from Canadian Music Centre, New Music in New Places grants.
Premiere – June, 2006. Vancouver Public Library.

Sky (10 minutes)
10 flutes
Commissioned by Red Shift for the Tempest Flute Ensemble.
Premiere – October, 2005. Vancouver Public Library.
Recorded in 2009 by Mark Takeshi McGregor on Different Stones.

Nocturne, chamber version  (12 minutes)
solo horn and chamber ensemble
Commissioned by the Regina Symphony Players.
Premiere – April 2001. Regina New Music Festival

With This Breath (7 minutes)
10 flutes
Commissioned by Amy Hamilton for the Wilfrid Laurier Flute Ensemble.
Premiere – March 2000. Maureen Forester Recital Hall, Waterloo, ON


Small Chamber Ensemble (2-6 players)

Held in the Hand (8 minutes)
String Quartet and Santoor
Commissioned by the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra
Premiere – November, 2015. Pyatt Hall, Vancouver

Stolen Materials/Stolen Time (14.5 minutes)
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion
Commissioned by Standing Wave
Premiere – November, 2014. Orpheum Annex, Vancouver

Confluence (5 minutes)
SAB Choir, text by Rae Crossman
Written for members of the Wolf Project for R. Murray Schafer on the occasion of his 80th Birthday
Premiere – July 2013. Indian River.

Le Merle Noir (6 minutes)
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion.
This arrangement of Olivier Messaien’s duo was commissioned by Standing Wave.
Premiere – May 2012. The Cultch, Vancouver, BC

Moments Suspended (1 minute)
flute, bass clarinet, violin, and cello
Commissioned by Ottawa New Music Creators.
Premiere – January 2012. De La Salle High School, Ottawa, ON

Aftermath (15 minutes)
3 voices, violin, and cello
One act dramatic scene created with librettist Peter Anderson
Commissioned by Tom Cone’s Opera Project
Premiere – June 2011.  The Song Room, Vancouver

Unravel (6 minutes)
flute, clarinet, cello, piano, and percussion
Premiere – March 2011. Western Front, Vancouver
Performed by Standing Wave at Sonic Boom Festival of BC composers

Knick Knack Lemon Whack (8 minutes)
3 percussion and bass trombone
Commissioned by the Western Front for Sonic Playground with funding provided by the BCAC.
Premiere – June 2010.  Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver

Folding Inward (7 minutes)
flute, clarinet, cello, and piano
Premiere – April 2009. Western Front, Vancouver
Performed by Nu:BC at Sonic Boom

Metwa Kirkos (6-10 minutes)
6 voices or vocal sections and open scored instruments
Commissioned by the participating members of R. Murray Schafer’s And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon to be added to the official script of this collaborative work.
Premiere – August, 2009. Haliburton Forest, Ontario

The Ape (3 minutes)
trombone, violin, and cello
Commissioned by the Turning Point Ensemble for their Creating Composers Program.
Premiere – June, 2009. Mount Seymour United Church

Stillness/Interference (7 minutes)
flute, clarinet, viola, piano
Composed in collaboration with Kristy Farkas.
Premiere – April 2008. Performed by Nu:BC at  the Sonic Boom Festival of BC composers.

Seedlings (8 minutes)
wind quintet
Commissioned by the Ad Mare Wind Quintet with funding provided by the BC Arts Council.
Premiere – March, 2006. Vancouver Art Gallery

in the midst… (12 minutes)
violin, bass clarinet, contra bass (or cello), percussion, piano
Composed as part of the Arraymusic Young Composers’ Workshop.
Premiere – June 2003. Music Gallery, Toronto

each day the tide withdraws (chamber version, 9 minutes)
flute, cello, bass clarinet, percussion
Commissioned by the Helikon Ensemble and Vancouver New Music for the Vancouver New Music “Linkage” Festival
Premiere – April 2002. Scotia Bank Dance Centre

In Sleepless Spaces (11.5 minutes)
percussion quartet
Premiere January 2002. Vancouver East Cultural Centre.
Performed by Four Gallon Drum.


Solo and Duo

As Ordinary as Stars (3 minutes)
Solo soprano
Commissioned for Caroline Schiller by the Newfound Music Festival
Premiere – January 2013. Bitters Pub, St. John’s, NFLD

Eve (3 minutes)
Solo mezzo-soprano, with text by Dorothy Livesay
Premiere – September 2009. UBC Recital Hall.

Neptune (4 minutes)
Solo Piano
Commissioned and recorded by Rachel Iwaasa for the Cosmphony Project
Premiere June 2008. Vancouver Planetarium.

A place from where (2 minutes)
violin and cello
Commissioned by the Microscore Project and Music on Main.
Premiere – May 2007. The Cellar, Vancouver.

For Dreams of Things Which Cannot Be (10 minutes)
Flute and Piano
Commissioned by Tiresias (Mark McGregor and Rachel Iwaasa), with funding provided by the Barbara Pentland Fund.
Premiere – January 2007.  The Western Front, Vancouver.
Recorded in 2008 by Tiresias on Delicate Fires.

Which Love Creates (9 minutes)
solo mezzo-soprano
Premiere March 17, 2006. Sonic Boom Festival, Western Front.
Performed by Marci Rabe

Four Directions (8 minutes)
solo flute
Premiere – July 2003. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, University of Victoria.
Performed by Jennifer Butler.


Electronic and Multimedia

Conversations with Silence (45 minutes)
mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, cello, and electronics
Doctoral thesis composition, UBC, 2009

20 Silent Words (65 minutes)
voice, saxophone, accordion, contra bass, piano and electronics
Composed in collaboration with CURV (Jennifer Butler, Kristy Farkas, and Marci Rabe)
Commissioned by Continuum Contemporary Music.
Premiere April, 2007. Music Gallery, Toronto, ON.

And So, Again (60 minutes)
flute, voice, electronics
Composed and performed in collaboration with CURV
Commissioned by the Western Front.
Presented – April 2005. Vancouver Art Gallery.

When We Breathe – Composed in collaboration with CURV (60 minutes)
flute, voices, electronics
Presented at the Havana Theatre by Vancouver New Music, 2003

Music for The Creation (90 minutes)
UBC Theatre Department production, March 2002.

Escape (5 minutes)
Premiere Sonic Boom Festival, March 2002. Roundhouse Theatre, Vancouver.

Please Friend (7 minutes)
Premiere March 1999. Maureen Forester Recital Hall, Waterloo, ON.

Becoming Aware (12 minutes)
Flute, Soprano and Electronics
Premiere March 1999. Maureen Forester Recital Hall, Waterloo, ON.
Performed by Dawn Ellis and Natasha Campbell.